The news, the news, the news.  If you are a news addict like me, then you might use something like Flipboard or newsgif logoanother feed reader to get your news delivered to you on a regular basis.  Those are great ways to get the latest updates,  However, they are not as silly, entertaining or irreverent as NewsGif! NewsGif is a mobile app that delivers news headlines to your iOS or Android device. It adds a GIF to the headline.  Users vote that GIF up or down, suggest new ones, or simply enjoy it.  Swipe right to share the headline, swipe left to read the actual article.

Simple Uses?

  • A new way to get students interested in the news
  • Have a discussion about art, society and the choice of GIF’s that go with each headline

Do I Plan To Use It?

Just for my own fun mostly. Don’t think I will be able to use it with ES students next year. However, the staff might like it for a change of pace. Sort of a fun thing.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low. Sign up and go.

Best For



Free. They want your Twitter account to get access to most of the services though.