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I love the tagline of this app, “The internet of sound has arrived.”  This app allows you to share… pretty much Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 8.05.00 PManything… through sound.  In a nutshell, how you use the app is that you select the file you would like to share.  Then you “chirp” it out by sending out a noise from your device that sounds a bit like R2D2.  Anyone else who has the app open and in “hearing distance” of the sound receives the item that you chirped out.   And the best part?  This process is device agnostic.  You can send it out to anyone on any device.  


If you are sending something out to a large group you may have to “chirp” the information out multiple times.  

Sample Uses

Anytime you want to share something with your students this is a great way to do it.  Especially if you are working at a BYOD school.  

Do I Plan to Use It?


Commitment and Learning Curve

Super low!

Best for ES MS or HS?




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