“Oh crap! I did not mean to send that email.  Can I get it back?”  How many dmail-logotimes have you said that?  Oh I know I have.  After a while I have lowered the likelihood of that happening.  Maybe I am just getting more mature as I age gracefully. But still, I know I will make this mistake again at some point in the future. A little worried that your email might get “sniffed” in transit between you and the recipient?  In other words, someone intercepts your email and reads it?     There is a solution to both of those concerns and it is a Chrome Extension from the guys at Delicious called Dmail. Install the Chrome extension and as you write emails, on the web based version of your Gmail account, you can ensure they are encrypted and even set a self destruct option for the mail to disappear hours, days or weeks later. People on the receiving end, who don’t also have it installed, will have to click to read your email. They will be promoted to download the extension, but will be able to read the email right away.

Simple Uses?

  • Sending emails to people that have sensitive information such as your credit card
  • Emails to parents that you only want them to read by not keep?  (Maybe that is not cool)
  • Sending emails that you do not want forwarded.  A coming soon option.

Do I Plan To Use It?

No, not yet. It has too much friction right now. Maybe later if EVERYBODY is using it anyway. Interesting idea. We shall see how it moves forward.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low. If you can install a Chrome extension, you are good to go.

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