If you are listening to this podcast, you have likely heard of podcasting.  You may have even thought to yourself “This podcasting sounds interesting. Maybe I should try it. I mean if Michael can do it, how hard can it be?” 

Not too hard is my response, but don’t take my word for it. Instead listen to Eugene Leonard my guest today. Eugene is a technology coach at the Shen Wai International school and has traveled far down the path of podcasting. I know many people prefer to buy book reports, but you still can find necessary tips here.

This show focuses on his journey as it relates to anybody ready to give podcasting a try.


  • Anchor.fm for great podcasting solutions
  • Podomatic for podcasting hosting options
  • @mr_leonard_SWIS



Previously taught in Iraq, Thailand, Abu Dhabi and Liverpool in the UK. Passionate about EdTech, Digital Citizenship and Podcasting and an Arsenal fan!