Some people love cats, some people hate cats, but everybody should find the game Erase All Kittens satisfying. You  see the goal of the game is to move a kittens from one end of the screen to the other. Kitten lovers will work hard to make it happen, kitten haters will revel in the joy of watching kittens fall into the abyss. The game does have another purpose though: to teach HTML coding. Yes, HTML, the markup language behind web pages is something valuable for students to learn and an easy gateway “language” into the world of coding. Erase All Kittens asks players to write HTML code to move a kittens around on the screen. For example, you have to build boxes to allow the kitten to jump up and forward as needed.

Simple Uses?

  • Enrichment activity for students
  • Teach basics of HTML coding
  • Contest to see who can get the furthest in the game.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes. I have a half day coding activity coming up and I am going to use this as an option for people to learn HTML.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low learning and commitment curve. The game gets harder as you go, but the commitment is not that high.

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