Let’s face it, the cost of college for Americans is insane.  In many ways, the price, well into the 10’s and 100’s of scholly-logo1thousands of dollars, requires students to already be rich or willing to take on crushing debt. Thankfully, things like scholarships can help here and Scholly is an app that plays in that arena.    School is a mobile app that makes searching for scholarships fairly easy. You enter some biographical information about yourself, hit a button and a list of potential scholarships comes up.  I tried it at home here and it does indeed toss forward some ways to earn money.

Simple Uses?

Chase scholarships for students!  A high school teacher might use this app in one of their classes to show kids how to apply and suggest ways to write effective essays in pursuit of scholarships.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes! I have a high school senior and we are using the app to find money. The current award amounts are low right now, but maybe a better one will come up.

Commitment And Learning Curve

None. Easy app to use. Big commitment, of course, to actually apply for a scholarship though.

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