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Welcome to year three of the Concordia EdTech Roundtable.

Intro Topic of the Week (What do we not need to teach anymore?)  on our seventh episode of season 3 of the Concordia  Edtech Podcast.”  

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“Welcome to the Concordia Edtech Podcast, I’m _______. I’m joined today by the *predictably unpredictable* Dennis Grice …
Lessons learned this week…

Dennis –  Plastic Wrap
Chris – Kids are forgiving, flexible and fun to work with

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Segment 3


Chris – Top 5

5 – How to take 3-hour Scantron tests

4 – Memorization beyond “30 days has November …”

3 – Cursive a.k.a. Script

2 – Specific citation styles

1 – The language of innate intelligence (& start teaching the language of Growth Mindset)
Dennis – Top 5

Top 5 things that no longer need to be taught.

5 – Personal Letter

4 – Cursive Handwriting

3 – Notecards – rather online notetaking, curation, tagging

2 – Paper Maps/Also memorizing states & capitals

1 – Keyboarding – traditional “typing”

  • Give thanks to Miles Mai
  • “You can find this podcast on 21st Century Learning Radio ( and at the iTunes store. Just look for Concordia Ed Tech, or …” leading another host to give the URL for the podcast, (
  • Tease next week’s topic…
    • Should coding be part of standardized curriculum?
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