Geoguessr is a totally, addictive, yet simple web game from a Swedish guy named Anton Wallen. I mention he is Geoguessr logoSwedish because apparently a long, depressing Swedish winter motivated him to write the game using the Google Maps API. To play the game, users head to the website and click the single player button.  You will see a street view that lets you pan around and check the place out. You then get one, and only one, chance to make a guess.  From there you get points based on how close you were to the actually place. Users can select specific regions or the entire world to localize the game a bit. If you sign up for an account, it tracks your score and lets you play the challenge mode.  That is fun! Students can sign up with a Google Plus account.

Simple Uses?

  • Introduce a new country or city by limiting where the map goes
  • Create a contest within your class
  • Set up a reward system whereby students gain certain awards once they get to a specific set of points
  • Teach students how to look at flora, fauna and street signs to spot clues to where they are in the world
  • Expect students to do research on the map they see before making a fast guess

Do I Plan To Use It?

Sure, what a fun way to learn some geography.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low to medium. It takes no effort to learn it or play it. You could call it a medium commitment curve if you decide to plan lessons around it.

Best For



Totally free