I often want a quick video of a science concept or something to grab the student’s attention.  My default is to go to Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.58.18 AMYouTube, but you aren’t always guaranteed to get good something that is good quality there.  Science 360 is a website and mobile app that is sponsored by the national science foundation.  The site is FILLED with videos, photos, podcasts and more and all are great quality science resources.  I love this site and have used it to supplement lots of my science lessons.

Simple Uses?

This is a great resource to use to supplement your science lessons but you could also use it as a center.  If you are having students explore a concept, it would be great to have a video or radio show set up on an iPad or two for the students to learn about how a science concept applies to the world around them.  This could also be an extension students can go to in class to read about or learn about what is new in the world of science.  Often, when we teach science concepts to students they get the impression that science is a closed text book when in reality scientists are learning new things everyday that re-define our thinking about the world.

Do I Plan To Use It?


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