Formative is an online assessment tool. It lets teachers create questions and distribute them to students on their formative-logodevices. When students answer questions, teacher can see them in real time and comment/grade in real time. Assessments can include questions (multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false and show your work), text blocks, images, YouTube videos and whiteboards that the teacher draws on. Teachers can add questions on top of existing PDFs and Word documents so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel Teachers can display live results on a projector screen with or without student names and/or grades.

Simple Uses?

  • Quick formative assessment
  • Draw to show reading comprehension
  • Display student work for discussion w/o showing names
  • Sub plans
  • Flipped classroom

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes. I’ve used it with students and with teachers in professional development with lots of success.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low. Free account means little commitment. It’s easy to start your first Formative assessment and add questions to it.

Best For