The Guide to Grammar and Writing is a venerable and powerful tool for all things grammar and academic writing. GtGaW LogoThis site has been around for at least as long as I have been teaching, and that is a long time. Its longevity is due to its no-frills, no-nonsense utility. This site is not for most kids save for those students who are internally motivated to be academic. Teachers will love it as a resource, to which they will return as needed. Given the breadth of the materials, the site is arranged by six categories ranging from word and sentence structure to essay writing, and quizzes.  The Capital Community College Foundation pays for the site, making it free to users.

Simple Uses?

All teachers who wish to take their students through research projects, grammar challenges, or even writing organization skills, should use this resource for its content.

Do I Plan To Use It?

I have used this site. Rediscovering it is like a trip to the attic. I am thankful for this resource of grammar resources, and you will be too.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Varies upon use.

Best For



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