Today’s Run Your Life podcast is really a two-part series that was recorded live back in Toronto a few weeks ago with my good friend Joey Feith. We took the time to really dig deep into our own teaching practice to draw out core beliefs that we hold about good pedagogy and instruction. In this episode, Joey shares his unique journey and path that has led him to being one of the most sought after speakers in the arena of physical education worldwide.Today’s show is not just about what it takes to be a great physical educator but also the critical importance of pursuing personal excellence along the way. Joey delves into the mindset and work ethic that has propelled him forward in his teaching and his fundamental beliefs about the creative process in regards to the amazing resources he has developed over the years. Any educator listening to this podcast will gain immediate takeaway value applicable in their own teaching practice.


Joey Feith is the founder of He currently teaches physical education in Montreal, Canada.

Joey believes that every child should have access to a world class physical education experience, and that teacher professional development is the key to that. That is why, between lesson planning and helping kids improve their running, he has dedicated thousands of hours to creating a site that helps inspire fellow physical educators.

Joey has presented his ideas at the local, provincial, national, and international levels through various speaking and training events. He is a recipient of Physical and Health Education Canada’s Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award and was an Education finalist in the 6th Annual Shorty Awards, an awards ceremony honouring the best in social media.

When not teaching, blogging, or developing new teaching resources, Joey enjoys spending time with his family, longboarding, and drinking tea.

Connect with Joey

Twitter: @JoeyFeith @phys_educator



Themes Discussed:

Backwards Design, Quality Physical Education, Meaning & Relevance, Deconstructing Outcomes, The Creative Process, Mindset & Failure, Goal-Setting