In our last show we we took a look at the term “21st Century Learning” and tried to break it down figure out what it is, and what it should be. Today we continue that conversation and go from the philosophical to the practical. What does 21st Century Learning look like in a real classroom?

Lessons Learned

Dennis – If you’re making a training video, and it’s not fun for you to watch, it will be even worse for your intended audience.

Chris – Never assume people are interested in what you have to say. Give them the “why” first, not the “what.” Let them see your vision, then your plan.

Notes & Links

What does this look like in a real classroom?

What can I do on Monday to make a difference?

Mindset: Growth, instead of change. Change is trendy and superficial. Growth is deeper and more lasting.  (Curriculum 21 by Heidi Hays Jacobs)

Create Mystery – What does a good TV show or book do to keep your watching or reading?  Don’t give answers, pose questions, or better yet, present problems or situations that encourage students to ask and answer their own questions.  Once you have engaged a student’s curiosity, STOP TALKING. Let them learn.

TED Talk – JJ Abrams: The Mystery Box

The role of an educator is to Cultivate Curiosity – Ramsey Musallam

Tech will be invisible. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Make it count.