Are you familiar with Moby and Tim?  The dynamic duo (robot and human) that have been explaining and teaching super-close-up-board-shotstudents for more than ten years?  If not, you will soon will be. Today I speak with Kari Stubbs, Vice-President for Learning and Innovation at

A former teacher herself, Kari made the jump to industry by offering her ideas and solutions to what makes good, effective learning for students using an online platform.  

Kari is also a featured presenter at the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong this month. She will be presenting, hosting and co-hosting discussions on the future of learning in the digital age.  She will also be a member of a panel discussion I will be hosting.  Lucky me!

Connect with Kari

  • Twitter: @karistubbs
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Dr. Kari Stubbs is Vice President of Learning and Innovation at BrainPOP, creator of animated educational content. In her role at BrainPOP, Kari has presented extensively on the subject of technology and education, speaking at conferences across the United States and around the globe from Shanghai and Dubai to Australia, Prague, Doha, Beijing, and beyond.