This app for iOS and Android is a collection of streaming 360° Videos that you can use on your iOS device.  It’s also DiscoveryVRLogocompatible with Google Cardboard for a more immersive virtual experience.  Imagine yourself standing at the water hole as a herd of elephants approach to drink, or surrounded by manta rays as you swim off the coast of Mexico. On an iPad it uses the accelerometer to allow you to move the device 360° to see above, below, and behind you.  While that in itself is pretty cool, you’ll definitely want Google Cardboard for the full immersive experience.

Simple Uses?

The obvious sample use is virtual field trips.  This is just one of many new apps that take advantage of 360° video and I predict this type of media will continue to grow in popularity.

Do I Plan To Use It?

I’ve used it as a novelty with small groups of students. We allowed students to take turns viewing various animal videos as part of our “virtual zoo” field trip.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low learning curve. Be advised that when using Cardboard, some users may experience a little disorientation. I suggest using a swivel chair. Also make sure you keep an eye on kids while they use it. There is a tendency for them to want to walk around while they watch. Don’t let them walk into walls.

Best For



Free in the App Store and Google Play store.