What forces help to shape your own journey of learning both personally and professionally? Where to you gain your greatest insight from? How do you apply this learning to your own line of work? In today’s episode, my good friend, Ross Halliday and I, have an informal discussion about life and learning and the major forces that continue to influence the work that we do. We recorded this in one take with no preparation whatsoever, so we truly didn’t know where the conversation was going to take us. These are the exact types of conversations that I love to have on my podcast as they are just informal chats from the heart.

Ross exemplifies what it means to take initiative and action in regards to his own learning in order to find meaning that genuinely applies to his work as a leader in education. As both Ross and I have a deep connection and love of physical education, we share major takeaways that have impacted our own careers as physical educators, but also extend this learning over to education in general.

There are many gems of insight and inspiration shared in today’s episode that we hope resonate with you and the work that you do. I’d like to thank Ross for his time, energy, and willingness to be a part of my Run Your Life podcast series.

About Ross

Growing up in the west coast of Scotland, Ross could be found playing sport in nearby parks, climbing trees, building things out of random materials, and practicing many musical instruments (some of which he continues to attempt to master).

It is fair to say that Ross’ impressions of school were mixed.  A collection of the very best and worst teachers (and the impact they had on him) led him to pursue his passion, to make school a place where students can develop curiosity, dream, invent, learn by doing and to foster a culture in which students can pursue their interests and achieve more that they ever thought possible.  Ultimately, to create, and be part of, a school that offers an education worth having.

Simultaneous with a short period as a professional footballer, the completion of his undergraduate honors degree at the University of Edinburgh affirmed Ross’ decision that improving the quality of education – and life chances – for young people was to be his core driving purpose.

Following a somewhat intense initiation into teaching in the tough schools of Glasgow, a mixture of football and travel desires led Ross to Australia where he has now worked and lived for the last nine years.

In this time he has been able to learn to learn, learn to teach and learn to lead with some of the most inspirational students, colleagues, mentors, and coaches.

Ross’ transition from Physical Education Teacher to Deputy Head of School (including a period as Acting Head) has afforded him valuable insight about how school culture, effective change management and transformational school leadership can impact improving student outcomes.

His time in Australia has also brought him the joy of meeting his wife Louisa, with whom he now shares the responsibility of parenthood.  As first-time parents, their baby daughter, Helena, brings them daily joy and in Ross’ words ‘provides a constant reminder of what it really means to be a life-long learner’ (for baby and for Mum and Dad!).

Ross hopes that the rich and varied experiences he has been lucky to have in both his personal and professional life to this point will provide strong foundations upon which to make a lasting positive contribution in his next professional role.

Connect with Ross

Website: MakingPEFizz.com

Twitter: @fizzicaled

Themes Discussed

Austin Kleon(Steal Like an Artist), Empowerment, Leadership, Being a Socially Connected Educator, Lifelong Learning, Motivation, Physical Education, Making a Difference