The library.

Ah yes, the library.  

For people of my age (Generation X) the library still brings back scary memories of a place where I might get into trouble if I spoke too loudly.

Stefanie Gaspari helps us understand that libraries are no longer that type of place and that it is time to return to their original design: A community space for sharing ideas and learning.

For Stefanie, that looks like a multi-use space designed to engage a variety of learners from the rugby team to the quiet student looking for a little refuge and time with a good book.  A space setup up to prototype new ideas and learn.

Where was Stefanie when I was in High School? 😉


Stefanie is an eternal optimist, a passionate educator, and self-confessed bookworm.

An advocate for ‘all things library’, she is curious about big ideas, learning spaces and the future of information in the digital age.


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