I was introduced to this by our Learning Support teacher.  She has used this program for years to help struggling writers get their thoughts down.  Students take photos or find images that show what they would like to write in their story or say in their presentation and then record or type out their book and save it to their account.  They can then work on their book at home or school using both the web or app version.

Simple Uses?

Check out their website for some awesome ways to use this product.  To give some examples:  creating student reports, podcast, timelines, oral reading, collaborative writing, how to videos, webinars, video lessons…

Do I Plan To Use It?

I’m thinking about it, our Learning Support teacher already uses this with some of our students who struggle to get their thoughts down on paper during writing time.

Commitment And Learning Curve


Best For



Free for the basic version. If you want to upgrade to premium to create separate student accounts or have your things roll over from year to year it costs $24.99