Yet again, another app has come out that solves equations for you on the fly.  By this I mean math equations and by mathpixthat I mean difficult math equations. The app works like this:  Handwrite a problem you are trying to solve and then use the app to take a picture of it.  The app grabs the equation (with some help from you), does character recognition and then goes out and solves it. It includes, if applicable, a graph solution as well. I am impressed that it can recognize my messy handwriting.  That is likely the biggest obstacle people will face. It works quickly too and lets you give feedback if there is a mistake.

Simple Uses?

Do I Plan To Use It?

I won’t use it as I am an ES teacher, but I bet students in MS and HS and beyond will quickly hear about it and put it to good use.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Really no learning or commitment curve. Just take a picture.

Best For