Path On is a wonderful little photo app with a funny name. It is rather simple, but has some powerful potential for pathonwriters in your classroom. Designed as a photo app to enhance your photos with words, it is a fantastic way for students to add a visual component to poetry. Students find a picture they like, say their mother, then draw a line (a path) from one part of the photo to the other.  They can then add words (poems) that will follow that line.  For example, if their mother had long hair, they could draw multiple lines along the hair and write poetry to support that feature.  Whatever. You can really customize how the text looks such as size, stretching it out, color and more.  Much fun!

Simple Uses?

  • Take a picture of someone you know and create a set of words or poems to describe them
  • Take a photo of artwork produced by students and have words surround it
  • Write a poem and then go find an image that supports it.  Put the words around the photo as you see fit.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes, works really well in an elementary classroom and on an iPad.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium to low. It is fairly easy to use. Just need to play with some of the text features to get a feel for what type of look, color, size and more that you like.

Best For



$1.99 USD