We are stressed!  Or maybe, some of us are stressed. I am not really sure if we are more stressed now than we were 15Smilingmind years ago, but it is always popular to say our lives our more difficult. The same sayings can be applied to our students.  However, unlike 15 years ago, mobile devices can now solve ALL our problems. ;-) Smiling Mind is an app from Australia that works on Mindfulness. A technique designed to help us clear our brains and fight things such as anxiety and depression. Smiling Mind, brought to you by a non profit looking to benefit teen mental health, is an app that runs you through a Mindfulness exercise and tracks your workouts as you guy. Mindfulness is essentially meditation.    This app has age appropriate exercises starting at age seven up to adult.  At the end it asks you some questions regarding your mood and tracks it for future comparisons.

Simple Uses?

  • Suggest students do it as homework. Even assign points, rewards for doing it.  The app gives badges
  • Use it in class during an advisory time

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes, but mostly for me.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Learning curve, zero. Commitment curve, big! If you are going to do this, it requires some serious time commitments to your mental health.

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