This blast from the past was my favorite edtech game from the mid 1990’s.  Thanks to the demise of Broderbund and ZoombinisAppIconan extremely successful kickstarter campaign, It’s back! TERC the original creators, have teamed up with Fablevision to bring back this logic and mathematical thinking game in all it’s glory.  It contains a series of puzzles that promote mathematical thinking without the actual math.  From Set theory, to graphing, to balancing equations.  The goal is to move a group of cute little blue Zoombini characters past a series of challenges to get to their new home - a place of refuge from the evil Bloats.

Simple Uses?

It’s a game. But it’s a really good game.

Do I Plan To Use It?

I would let students use it independently and then have them help each other solve the puzzles and EXPLAIN their solution strategy to others. This is important so you don’t get kids just randomly guessing.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Low learning curve. Increasing difficulty of puzzles.

Best For



$4.99 for the app. (There is also a pro version)