The Stories About Me app came about from a void in the marketplace for a social story builder app that could easily 512back up stories to ensure against loss and simplify the creation process for users with special needs. On the iPad Social Stories are made by blending photos, recorded voice, and text to create audible picture books.  They are useful for preparing kids for new or challenging situations.  They also are great for teaching generalization, which can mean acting certain ways in certain situations. Stories About Me is nice app for anyone to relive fond memories.  It’s great for specialists such as Speech Pathologists to use with clients with special needs as well.  Audible feedback of pronunciations with visualizations can be a great way to enhance speech and language improvements. You can backup your creations with the built in Dropbox integration, so even if you lose the app, the stories can always be re-synced. Rather than many apps selling with preloaded stories, with Stories About Me everything is user created.  This magnifies the usefulness of the app to the bounds of the creativity of the teacher or parent.

Simple Uses?

  • Create a story with narration of the highlights of the family trip to Disneyland.
  •       Create a story for your child to show what it’s like to go to the dentist.
  •       Take pictures and narrate directions for expected behaviors when transitioning to the lunchroom (sped class).
  •       Highlighting sequencing of events, use a social story to teach a child the steps to properly brush their teeth (open lid, squeeze tube, apply paste, water, brush, rinse, etc).

Do I Plan To Use It?

I made a social story to get our kids ready for their first long flight to Asia from the States. I recorded myself explaining things and used images from google showing what a Korean Airlines jet looks like on the inside. It had pictures with flight attendants and how they could watch movies and impressed how you need to be quiet. It’s still pretty entertaining to go through that one years later.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Time investment into creating stories can get heavy depending on how many pages you want to include. As far as learning to use the app, it’s quite simple.

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