Today’s Run Your Life episode was recorded live at the East Asia Region Council of Schools conference being held at the International School of Manila in the Philippines at the end of March. Well-known PE consultants from Canada, Ted and Carolyn Temertzoglou, and Dr. Ashley Casey from the University of Loughborough in the UK all share their perspectves about what a quality physical education experience should offer students.

Although Twitter has brought together countless PE teachers from around the world to help share excellent teaching practice and pedagogy, we delve into the caveats of becoming a socially connected educator. Whether already socially connected or just becoming connected, there are major considerations that need to be well thought out as teachers use Twitter as a tool for improving practice. Ted, Carolyn, and Ash all share their valuable insight into what these considerations are.

Better engaging students and moving them toward becoming more physically active requires a thoughtful construction of the learning environments we create in our PE programs. In this episode, you will hear about different ways that this end goal can be achieved. It was an honour to have these three great minds together to share their knowledge, passion, and wisdom. Enjoy today’s show!

About Carolyn Temertzoglou

Carolyn teaches health and physical education in the teacher education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Through Carolyn’s many years of educational experience as a teacher,department head,curriculum writer, and teacher educator, she advocates for quality daily health and physical education programs. Carolyn is the recipient of the Ontario Supervision of Physical and Health Education Teacher Advocacy Award for her work in supporting pre-service and in-service health and physical education teachers with their practice. She has an MA in education from OISE, and her research interests include teacher development in health and physical education. Carolyn has been actively involved in writing and reviewing curriculum and curriculum- supports for the Ministry of Education and serves on several provincial committees. She is the co-author of the Exercise Science Workbook/Lab Manual (Thompson Educational Publishing 2003), co-author of the Functional Fitness Charts, Perfect Practice, Game On (2012) and a contributing author for Teaching Physical Education Today: Canadian Perspectives (2013).

About Ted Temertzoglou

Exceptional Athlete Program. Presently he works with Thompson Educational Publishing, creating learning resources for health and physical education K-12. He is the lead author for many books, including the newly released Kinesiology: An Introduction to Exercise Science, 2nd Edition (university preparation course), Healthy Active Living: Keep Fit Stay Healthy Have Fun used in Ontario and New Brunswick and the Functional Fitness Chart Series K-12.Ted is a former Ontario board representative for Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada advocating and promoting the importance of quality daily health and physical education programs in schools across Canada. He is a certified personal trainer with The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologist.Ted was the recipient of the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award in 2008. He completed his MA in physical and health education with a research focus in student success and teacher-student rapport.Ted works with PE teachers from around the world delivering keynote addresses and conducting workshops in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Africa, and he is excited to return to EARCOS.

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About Dr. Ashley Casey

Ashley Casey, a lecturer in pedagogy at Loughborough University (UK) and an sdjunct senior lecturer at the University of Limerick (Ireland), has published 24 peer-reviewed papers in the last four years and is an active member of a number of international organi- sations. He is a member of the British Educational Research Association and is currently the co-convenor of the Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy SIG. He is a member of the Association of Physical Education and chair of their research committee. Ashley is a member of the National Association of Kinesiology in Higher Education, an associate editor of the Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy journal, a member of the editorial board of the journals QUEST and Cultura_Ciencia_Deporte, and he reviews for a number of international journals.He is active onTwitter,writes a weekly research blog for teachers at,and publishes a weekly podcast. His website has received over 100,000 unique visitors from 120 countries since its inception in July 2010.

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Themes Discussed:

Quality Physical Education

Caveats of Becoming a Socially Connected Educator

Well-Being and Physical Literacy

Moving PE Forward

Improving Pedagogy in PE