I interviewed Raj Valli, the CEO of Tabtor Math recently and came away really excited about what the program can offer. You can listen to the interview here. Tabtor Math is a learning platform the currently focuses just on math.  Yeah, there are more than a bunch of these for sure.  The unique part of this program is the human element that goes with it.  The platform has math program that follows a standard curriculum, but there is a tutor in the background that goes over the work, answers questions and guides the student along.  Basically it is a learning analytics platform with a human in there too.  That is unique.

Simple Uses?

It is a powerful supplemental program to your current math needs. It seems best used outside of school and at home.

Do I Plan To Use It?

I will have it on my list of resources for parents, but many choose personal tutors where I live. Students in the USA will find this a much less costly alternative.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Medium. I mean you just start using it and go from there.

Best For



30-100 dollars per month. Depends on the level you wish. Not free for sure as you need to pay for those hum