To tech, or not to tech. That is a question for those with tech.  Another question is “How can you tech when you don’t have tech, but you wanna have your class tech too?”  Today we tackle that edTech-700x700tongue twister and talk low tech and no tech techniques. Though we are normally on the “Bleeding Ed of Tech”, we are going old school today.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Don’t forget to check the cup holder.

Chris – You can’t teach what you don’t know. I need to learn more about coding. Seriously, Processing seems the language for me.

Notes & Links

We’ve talked about when sometimes the best tech is no tech, but what if you are in a situation where you WANT to use tech resources and tools, but your access is limited.

How can I teach my kids coding if they don’t have access to computers or iPads?

Coding isn’t about technology, it is about teaching kids computational thinking.

No Tech Solutions for Coding:

  • Coding with Paper: FREE Printable Space Race Game for Students
  • Science in Schools: The European Journal for Science Teachers
  • Ms. Wideen’s Blog: Teaching Coding Without Computers

Plickers! With just one iPhone you have an interactive response system for you class.  Uses a free app and these cards  

Use Stations – (for elementary teachers they’re called “centers”)

Break your lesson into several activities, and have students rotate through different stations.  Some with hands on activities, some with paper based activities, and some with tech for interactives, video, or web-based activities.