Artificial Intelligence. Once relegated to the pages of science fiction, it is now closer to becoming part of our everydayfinal-04-01edtechroundtable-mp3-image-700x700 lives.  Just like Captain Kirk talks to the computer on the Enterprise, we can now talk to our homes using technology like Amazon’s Alexa, which can listen, and learn more about us the more we use it. Join us today as we discuss AI and how it can change the way our students learn.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Patience and persistence pays off.

Chris – I have a touch of the obsessive-compulsive

Notes & Links

Our world is becoming like Star Trek.  

Captain Kirk talking to “affectionate” computer.

Wired Magazine – Alexa is Conquering the World

Top 10 Alexa Skills of 2016

List of Alexa Commands:

The more you interact, the more it learns and it never forgets.  What happens when Alexa knows you better than your own friends or family?

Alexa in Education? Is this next? What if you can ask it anything?  And the question that we always ask whenever there is a new technology, will it replace teachers?

Or…can Artificial Intelligence actually do what technology has been claiming to do for years – actually save teachers time?  The thought that  AI can help identify and apply differentiation based on what it learns about our students has the potential of taking a lot of the work off the plate of the teacher.

What is the next iteration?  Eye Tracking software to check what your students are looking at on a web page.  “You didn’t read this, read it again!” or “You seem to have difficulty with text information, perhaps a video might help you better.”

Artificial intelligence that can automatically customize content delivery based on student data may just be the next new technology to transform education.