There is beauty in simplicity.  When I find a simple tool that does one thing I need, and does it well, I hold on to it. One of those tools it Today’s Meet.  Think of it as your own personal twitter backchannel for your conference session or meeting.  It gives everyone in the room a voice to pose a question, post a thought, or share a link.  When the meeting is over an archive of the backchannel can be saved and added to session notes or meeting minutes.  It takes a minute to learn, there is no sign up or login required and space you create can be there for as little as an hour or as long as a week.  This is one of my favorite little or no prep tools.

Simple Uses?

When presenting to a large room, I use it to allow a space for everyone to share and contribute even though they may not all get a chance to speak.  I’ve gone back afterward and gained some valuable knowledge/insights that I would otherwise have missed.  I have also been able to address questions that might have been outside the scope of my presentation but address the need of those in the room.  Win-Win.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Conference sessions. Unconference presentations. Meetings. Class discussions.

Commitment And Learning Curve

No commitment. Low learning curve.

Best For