For the second year in a row I, along with a bunch of others from schools in Asia, have worked with the New Media VictoriaEConsortium to produce the international schools in Asia edition of the Horizon Report.

Today I talk with Victoria (Vic) Estrada who managed the process as editor, writer and cat-herder-in-chief.  You know how teachers are!  We discuss what the report is about, how it is brought together and some of the findings that came up this year as we looked at the intersection between technology and education.

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Victoria has been immersed in the world of emerging technologies and innovative learning models with the NMC for three years. She enjoys contributing her talents as an editor, writer, and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series and the NMC Blog. Before that, she was teaching ESL and training aspiring English teachers for the Fulbright Commission in Costa Rica and working toward social justice with literacy-focused non-profits in Austin, Texas.

Pull Quote: “International schools are way ahead of others in how they use technology to improve learning.”