I’ve used several different LMS’s over the years (Blackboard, Angel, Moodle…)  When I tried Schoology I was pleasantly surprised by the easy of use, clean interface, simplicity. Imports common course cartridges from other LMS’s easily. (Even Moodle mbz files.)  Media library takes a variety of different video types, converts them (ala YouTube) to a format that will play online on multiple devices.  The iPad app works cleanly and can do just about everything the web app does - it’s not a stripped down version. In fact, I know many teachers that prefer the iPad version to the web version.  Using “Open In” on the iPad student can submit not just items from their camera roll, but also iMovies, and Garageband files.  Google Docs integration in the free version is a bit limited, but it does connect to your Google Drive for pushing files out to students (note - it converts it to a Word doc first.)

Simple Uses?

Use to provide a blended learning environment for classes and groups

Do I Plan To Use It?

Used it at my former school. I would recommend using it if your school has not already indicated a mandatory LMS.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Lower than traditional LMS’s

Best For



FREE for individual teachers (There is also an enterprise version)