Recite This is one of those really simple sites that you might not use a lot, but will enjoy it when you do. It is so simple, I was not sure it was worth even reviewing. But after playing on it for a while, I realized it is great for a specific purpose: sharing quotes. Recite This lets anybody pop in a quote or some other sentence and then create a nice little image to surround the quote. From there you can download the image and print it. More likely, though, you might want to take advantage of the Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook integration that makes it super easy to push out to your social networks. It also has a bunch of quotes for you to look at and share if you like.

Simple Uses?

  • Fast tweeting. If you have a quote in your head or an idea, Recite This lets you share it out in an instant. Very cool. Would be fun to have inspirational quote tweeting contests in the classroom.
  • Spruce up your website with one of the images you create with your quote. I can imagine students doing this to spice up their portfolios.
  • Have students create their own quotes using Recite This, then print them and place them around the room.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Yes. I will use it for sharing quotes and other inspirational ideas on social media. Adds a nice look to your communication efforts.

Commitment And Learning Curve

Super easy to use. Just type it up and share it or print it.

Best For



Totally free.