Front Row is an incredibly easy way of differentiating your classroom curriculum to meet your students needs.  The Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 12.40.58 PMwebsite provides activities in reading, writing and math as well as lessons plans that teachers can use to help their students understand concepts being taught.  Once your students begin using the site you will be able to get data and analytics about how your students are progressing as well as recommendations for activities your students should be working on to improve.  All in all Front Row is huge help for teachers who want to be more intentional about meeting their students where they are at.

Simple Uses?

This is a great way to supplement what you are already doing in reading, writing and math.  Use the lessons to supplement your curriculum, use the activities as formative assessments or summative quizzes, provide extensions for those students who need it or a review for your students who are struggling.

Do I Plan To Use It?

Already do! I’ve just started by my teaching team loves it and uses it quite a bit.

Commitment And Learning Curve


Best For



Free at the start but if you want access to everything you will have to get a paid account and request a quote.