Teaching is a great profession. Especially for those of us lucky enough to teach internationally.  However, sometimes matt-headshot-2we may wonder what life would be like on the consulting, coaching and speaking circuit. Should we talk the skills we have an put ourselves out there to the point that people hire us to help them out.

High school Spanish teacher Matt Miller did just that. He took his writing hobby and consistently posted helpful tech teaching tools to his blog. He continued his writing to the point of publishing his book.

Today Matt has taken time off from teaching to hit the speakers circuit and work with teachers all over the USA. Matt shares his story with us today.

Connect with Matt

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  • Twitter: @jmattmiller
  • Website: DitchThatTextBook.com


Matt Miller is a teacher, author, blogger and speaker. He has taught for more than a decade in public schools and has presented to thousands of educators all over the United States.

Pull Quote: “Reaching out and meeting other teachers has a profound impact on my own learning.”