Teaching over the long haul can be an extremely demanding job, but to be our very best, we need to be switched on and ready to go each and every day. In today’s episode, my guest, Frank Stepnowski, shares his wisdom and insight based on over 25 years of experience in the profession. He has worked in some very challenging conditions throughout his career, but has never used this as an excuse for not giving it his all.

We dive into the 3 books that Frank has written about education, the main themes in these books, and the reasons for writing them. Frank shares his honest thoughts about the ups and downs of teaching and discusses specific strategies that he continually puts into practice in order to get through to his students to help them achieve success both in and out of school.

Frank will challenge you to think about your own practice and identify what it takes within yourself to pursue excellence in both your personal and professional life.

Connect with Frank

Twitter: @Frankstep1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frank.stepnowski.3?fref=ts

His interesting bio!!

Frank Stepnowski began life as an ungrateful child and a tyrannical older brother, eventually evolving into a

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 12.42.33 PMforgettable boyfriend, and then into a pedestrian husband and dictatorial father. Along the way he managed to trick people into employing him as a teacher, bartender, club manager, martial arts instructor, coach and writer, all of which he performed with intensity and a stunningly consistent lack of proficiency. He has been a teacher for twenty five years, despite thousands of letters and Emails from students, parents, lawyers, school board members, and his sister to have him psychologically evaluated and imprisoned.

He lives in New Jersey with his wife, three children, his in-laws, a dog and a fish, none of whom deserve to be imprisoned under the same roof with him.

Major Themes Discussed

  • Teacher Motivation
  • System Flaws
  • Self-Improvement
  • Book#1: Why Are All the Good Teachers Crazy
  • Book#2: S.C.R.E.W.E.D: An Educational Fairytale
  • Book#3: Teaching Sucks! But We Love it Anyways
  • What Embracing Physical Activity Means
  • Defining Your Purpose
  • Harvard Longitudinal Study into Happiness