I am a guy and depending on how long you have been listening to this show, you might already that. I mention my Forevergender because it makes me uniquely unqualified to talk about the role of women in leadership; specifically in education. However, thanks to this podcast, I am able to bring voices from the outside to talk about important issues such as this.  

Today I talk with Dana Watts from HKIS and Stacy Stephens from International School Beijing, whom together are spearheading the WLead conference in Hong Kong on Sunday, February 21. As they discuss, their aim is to bring recognition and discussion to the lack of female leadership we see in most international schools today. From there, action and movement can take place.

Connect With Dana and Stacy


  • Twitter: @teachwatts
  • Website: TeachWatts.com


  • Twitter: @curriculumstace
  • Website: Stacy-stephens.com/


Dana Watts is a passionate educator who has a never ending thirst for knowledge. Although currently obsessed with creative assessment, models of professional development, and empowering more women to lead schools, Dana spends her precious free time hiking the mountains of Hong Kong with her three kids.

Currently the Director of Learning at the International School of Beijing, Stacy Stephens has also worked in New Delhi, Buenos Aires, Kuwait and San Francisco. Relatively new to school-wide leadership, the issue of women in leadership is a new area of interest and exploration.