How can we best support our students to effectively use and remember the content and skills that we teach? Can TESTING be used not just to evaluate students, but also to promote meaningful learning? Today we put my co-host Chris Carter on the hot seat as he explains to us why TEST is not a four letter word.

Lessons Learned

Dennis – Changing your password is stressful.

Chris – Hardware ages while software is just updated or, learning to live with new ideas in an old body

Notes & Links

Testing for Teaching, Not Assessment

Inspiration: Annie Murphy Paul, Turn Testing Into Learning

Key Takeaways

Testing to help students learn should be the primary reason we give tests.

Rules of Testing:

  1.       Low Stakes
  2.       Multiple Iterations
  3.       Immediate Feedback
  4.       Interleaved
  5.       With pre- & post-test reflection

Is this the way we test?

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